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JJRD vs. Small Stars - Jackson, NJ - 01.19.20

Derby Fest '19 in Morristown, NJ - 11.30.19

MARS Turkey Brawl in Hagerstown, MD - 11.10.19

JJRD vs FrightMares in Hudson Valley, NY - 10.26.19

ECDX 2019:  JJRD vs NHJRD in Feasterville, PA - 06.23.19

Jersey Junior Roller Derby vs. New Hampshire Junior Roller Derby

JJRD vs Winding River in Brick, NJ - 05.04.19

JJRD in Matawan, NJ - 05.05.18

To help understand the rules of the game, please visit

Women's Flat Track Derby Association at the link above.

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