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  BlackEye Betty   #1732      coach

  • Year Started :   2012   -   (aged up to adult derby)  2016
  • Why I Joined :   My mom played when I was a kid and I loved it! When I found out about junior derby, I begged my mom to help me start a league and thus JJRD was created!
  • Favorite Thing(s) to Do :   roller skate, travel and go to concerts
  • Favorite Color(s) :   purple
  • Roller Derby Career :    After founding JJRD with my mom and sister, I committed so much time into getting better. The year I aged out, alongside one of my teammates, I competed in the inaugural Junior Roller Derby Olympics. After aging up, I skated with Garden State Roller Derby in Newark, NJ. With them, I have traveled to compete against other higher level leagues. Since my COVID return, I have been skating for PennJersey Roller Derby in Camden, NJ. Roller Derby has given me a community and I commit a ton of time and energy into not only my growth, but the growth of the community as a whole.

  Pushy Galore   #007      coach

  • Year Started :   2010 
  • Why I Joined :   With her love of derby and passion to grow and give back to the sport, Pushy has been coaching Juniors for over the past 5 years.  She is super proud to see how much progress and growth junior skaters make each year from their hard work and dedication because Juniors are the future of roller derby.
  • Favorite Thing(s) to Do :   ?
  • Favorite Color(s) :   ?
  • Roller Derby Career :    Pushy Galore started roller skating when she was a kid skating weekends at her local roller rink.  However, her roller derby career didn’t begin until 2010 when some old high school friends started up a new DIY derby team in Monmouth County, now called the Central Jersey Roller Vixens.  As a skater, her primary position on the track is a blocker but also having the role as a team coach requires her to understand the strategy, skills and techniques needed for every position on the track.

To help understand the rules of the game, please visit

Women's Flat Track Derby Association at the link above.

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